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Metal: You envision, we create

Whether you’re looking to add custom stairs and railings to your home, restore a classic truck, or have any other special welding projects, South Park Metalworks is here to design, fabricate, and install one-of-a-kind metal pieces for your project. SPM specializes in building projects.  We’ll work with your building team each step of the way to conceive and execute projects like a specially tailored veranda, deck railing, internal or external staircases, guard rails, grab rails, or platforms. SPM is also here to help with vehicle work, both for vintage and modern models, to give you the beautiful and functional truck of your dreams. No matter the job, our goal is lasting, functional beauty. Give us a call today and let’s talk about what SWM can build for you.


South Park Metalworks can create any weld from large commercial projects to custom, in-home pieces. We are proud to offer custom fabrication and installation of residential and commercial guard rails, stairs, platforms and grab rails, and automotive fabrication. We also specialize in aluminum welding.  


The difference between good and great is the attention to detail

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Meet Dillon

Dillon likes trucks, motorcycles, and sleds. When he’s not working on your truck or home, he’s working on his. Dillon is a Teton Valley native and has extensive experiences as a welder and custom metal fabricator for both trucks and buildings. He’s spent years building one-of-a-kind suspensions, roof racks, bumpers, staircases, deck railings, guard rails, grab rails, and platforms.